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Lion Air Plane Clips Wing Before Take-Off – Flight Cancelled


Lion Air Plane Clips Wing Before Take-Off – Flight Cancelled

It just gets worse and worse for Lion Air

The company’s recklessness has caused a flight to be canceled as the wing of a plane clipped a pole before take-off.

This is yet more evidence against Lion Air as it remains in the court of public opinion.

Flight JT-633 was meant to take-off from Bengkulu Airport to Jakarta’s Sukarno-Hatta on 7th November, before it’s wing clipped a pole during taxi.

We seem to hold Indonesian airlines to a lower standard of acceptability than the rest of the world.

Let this be clear – incidents like this don’t happen anywhere else in the world.

This comes after the report of JT-610 delivered news that a crucial sensor was replaced the day before it plunged into the Java Sea, and could have exacerbated other problems with the plane.

The sensor, known as the “angle of attack”, keeps track of the nose of the aircraft to prevent the plane from stalling or diving.

Thankfully, the comical errors of JT633 occurred before it could become a tragedy, but the question on everyone’s lips is:

WTF is going on with Lion Air?

Watch the Lion Air plane clip a pole before take-off…

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