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Does ‘The Raid’ Have The Best Action Scenes Ever Made?


Does ‘The Raid’ Have The Best Action Scenes Ever Made?

Many of us have seen The Raid; this Indonesian-language movie was the pride and enjoy of the country when it came out in 2011.

Not only was it an awesome action movie featuring Indonesians, but it also featured pencak silat, Indonesia’s martial arts. Well, one YouTuber examines the scenes in The Raid and finds out what makes it so good!


Popular YouTuber Rossatron analyses and breaks down movies and movie scenes on his channel, going into the details of camera angles, timing etc. He’s also a fan of The Raid.

In looking at The Raid, Rossatron compares this Indonesian action hit with other popular action scenes and movies. He says that The Raid is especially good with its action scenes, not only because of camera angles, tension-building and other technical details, but also because of the ‘feelings’ and what other scenes imply throughout that make the whole movie such a successful action creation.

Watch Rossatron’s interesting analysis and share your thoughts!

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