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Rich Chigga Is In Diplo’s Newest Song “Bank Roll”!


Rich Chigga Is In Diplo’s Newest Song “Bank Roll”!

Our favourite Indonesian rapper, who is seriously hitting the world stage right now, has just had another awesome development – He’s now on Diplo’s new trap song Bank Roll!


The newest release from LA-Based DJ and producer Diplo already features two big hitters, rapper Rich the Kid and hip hop artist Young Thug. This was already set to be a sweet trap song for any listeners out there. However, according to mixmag , Diplo was supposed to include pop-music sweetheart Justin Beiber in a verse but due to some exclusive rights issue on Soundcloud they brought in the one and only Rich Chigga of Indonesia instead.

So, in a huge bout of controversy online, with everyone shouting “Rich Chigga replaces Justin Bieber”, the 17-year old Jakarta kid certainly got his fair share of news and exposure. That is, beyond the 50 million views of his own song Dat $tick which caught the attention of international rappers and hip hop music stars.

Rich Chigga and Diplo Bank Roll

Rich Chigga and Diplo Bank Roll
Anyway, it was a perfect decision by Diplo because with a song called “Bank Roll”, you can’t quite get a better line up of featured artists than Rich Chigga, Rich the Kid and Young Thug. Even just their names are perfect!
Here’s the song, listen to the first verse for our Indonesia-rep killin’ his lines. Keep it up Brian!

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