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8 Indonesian Proverbs that Donald Trump Should Learn


8 Indonesian Proverbs that Donald Trump Should Learn

Indonesian Proverbs are filled with great wisdom – locals who grew up hearing these surely have their moral compass pointing in the right direction. One man that doesn’t is Donald Trump.

That’s why we’ve chosen 8 Proverbs we think he should really know…

1. Tong kosong nyaring bunyinya

Literally meaning “an empty drum makes a loud sound”, claiming that it is those without knowledge or are ’empty’ that are the loudest!

2. Mulutmu Harimaumu

Literally meaning “your mouth is your tiger”, referring to the fact that everything you say is a reflection of yourself.

3. Seperti katak hendak jadi lembu

This comes from the story of the frog (katak) that wanted to become a bull (lembu); the frog inflated itself with air in order to grow, eventually blowing himself up and dying. It is a metaphor for those who wish for something that is actually beyond their capability.

4. Gajah bertarung lawan gajah… pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah

When elephants wage wars against elephants, deers die in the middle. This means that when big, prominent people fight, it is the small and common people who suffer…

5. Memang lidah tidak bertulang

The tongue indeed has no bone. This charming statement is used to describe those with a cunning for words and a slippery tongue; a strong, negative description of a pure liar!

6. Tak bisa menari dikatakan lantai yang berjungkit

This literally means “cannot dance, so blames the floor”, referring to those who do not take responsibility and often lay the blame on others even when they are wrong.

7. Bagai air di daun talas

Translating as “like water on a taro leaf”, this symbolic description refers to the way water quickly slips off and around on the top of the taro. It is used to describe those who are flakey, unpredictable, who change decisions and never stick to their course…

8. Karena nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga

With only a drop of poison, a pot of milk is ruined.
Good look America, you’re the pot of milk.

Have any others you think The Donald should learn? Leave them in the comments below. Learn more Indonesian probers at: .

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