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Words ‘Alay’ And ‘Kepo’ Are Now Included In The Indonesian Dictionary

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Words ‘Alay’ And ‘Kepo’ Are Now Included In The Indonesian Dictionary

New words that might be more often seen on social media than in textbooks have recently been added to the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language of the Language Center (KBBI).

Instagram Accout, @membetulkan, posted on Tuesday that a number of slang words had been included into the Great Dictionary, as shown in the post below:


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The slang words quoted in the post include:

alay (overacting)

cihui (an exclamation that shows happiness)

gebetan (crush)

kepo (nosy)

kicep (silence due to fear or worry)

lebay (excessive) and

nyokap (mother)

Also added to the Great Dictionary were some internet-related words, including meme, vlog and saltik (typo).

The KBBI is the official dictionary of the Indonesian language. The dictionary is produced and renewed periodically by the Language Center of the Education and Culture Ministry.

The KBBI has been criticized for being too selective, often excluding words that are in common use, making the slang entries a departure from its conventional image.

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