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Meet Shierly Lin, Indonesian Hyper Realistic Artist


Meet Shierly Lin, Indonesian Hyper Realistic Artist

In a country of 270 million people, no matter what you do you’re bound to get “lost in the crowd”. Luckily for us though, Shierly Lin found her way onto Instagram and YouTube and got the recognition she deserved. 

Shierly is an artist focusing on portraits made with graphite pencil, charcoal as well as drawing pens. What makes her portraits special is that they are hyper realistic. Whilst she describes herself as a “self taught realism portrait illustrator”, this is putting it very, very mildly.

The portraits that Shierly draws are indistinguishably similar to photographs of people, given they are in black and white. The detail, lighting and accuracy genuinely rivals a studio photographer’s work.

Whilst Shierly is drawing literally walls-worth of hyper-real portraits, the rest of us are… well, let us quote a YouTube comment on one of her videos which puts it best:

Shierly Lin Indonesian Artist

via YouTube

Shierly makes illustrations of many people, from historic politicians:

Shierly Lin Indonesian Hyper Real Artist

Source: – please follow her! 

To some favourite TV show characters / actresses

Shierly Lin Indonesian Hyper Real Artist

Millie Bobby Brown / Eleven from Stranger Things – source:

But one of her favourite things to draw are her Indian Bollywood stars:

2 Shierly Lin Indonesian Hyper Real Artist

Shierly with Shashank Vyas . Source:

From some of Shierly Lin’s posts we’ve determined that it can up to 50+ hours to complete one portrait – so not only does her work take incredible skill but the utmost patience. Truly a fantastic artist!

Check her out on Instagram
or watch her timelapses on YouTube

Here’s one timelapse of her doing her Millie Bobby Brown portrait:

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