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What Can You Get For $10 In Jakarta?


What Can You Get For $10 In Jakarta?

“I’ve made it to Indonesia’s capital and I can’t stop smiling!”

So says YouTuber Drew Binsky upon his arrival in Jakarta as part of his $10 Series. Though his first time to Jakarta is not what he was expecting.

“Let’s be honest, Indonesia’s capital doesn’t have the best reputation.”

“(But) I’m finding Jakarta to be a lot more enjoyable than they say…”

“There’s a certain charm in the air that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

Drew Binsky’s camera and editing work combined with his on screen charisma bring the streets of Jakarta to life.

So what does he get for $10?

US$10 = Rp.143,500 at the time of filming.

With this, Drew Binsky bought:

10 Minute Bajaj Ride = Rp.30,000

3 Jakarta Souvenir T-Shirts = Rp.50,000

1 Ticket To Monas = Rp.15,000

1 Nasi Goreng = Rp.15,000

1 Satay Ayam = Rp. 20,000

1 Es Kepal Milo = Rp.15,000

All for a total of $9.40 with Rp.8,000 to spare!

So if you are a traveller on a budget, or just love a bargain, Jakarta is a place that only exceeds expectations.

Find out what you can get for $10 in Jakarta:

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