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Off The Beaten Path – New and Exciting Travel Destinations in Indonesia You Must See!


Off The Beaten Path – New and Exciting Travel Destinations in Indonesia You Must See!

Bali, Gili, Lombok; been there done that.

If you are looking for a real adventure in Indonesia you can’t miss checking out these lesser known but just as amazing travel destinations!
The pictures of these places hold moments that last forever, and all were taken by nothing else but a mobile phone!

So never miss a shot and make sure you take a picture with your friend and travel companion, Samsung Galaxy Edge +

Adventure off the beaten path!

Gunung Merapi
Credits - @gilanghadif

Credits – @gilanghadif

Kebun Buah Mangunan, Yogyakarta
Credits - @elfriday

Credits – @elfriday

IN AN INSTANT. Chance encounters. Fleeting smiles. All can be gone in a second. Thankfully the camera launches in less than that, so you already have it captured.

Bukit Golf Hijau Sentul
Credits - @amboreynaldi

Credits – @amboreynaldi

Pura Dalem Undisan, Bangli
Credits- @gus-ekam

Credits- @gus-ekam

LOVE THE VIEW. The larger display on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE + with 5.7 inch Super AMOLED screen is more than beautiful.

Omah Kayu, Batu, Jawa Timur
Credits- @nidyajulinda

Credits- @nidyajulinda

Ranu Kumbolo, Gunung Semeru, Pulau Jawa
Credits - @indotravellers

Credits – @indotravellers

SHARE REAL TIME. Celebrations like this are meant to be shared. Stream the fun straight from camera with Live Broadcast.

Ranukumbolo, Lumajang
Credits- @indotravellers

Credits- @indotravellers

Mesjid Raya Bandung
Credits - @mfdl

Credits – @mfdl

Pulau Kenawa, Sumbawa
Credits- @indotravellers

Credits- @indotravellers

Danau Biru, Binuang
Credits- @asokaremadja

Credits- @asokaremadja

Bukit Mokko, Bandung
Credits - @gsuseno

Credits – @gsuseno

Bukit Jaddih, Bangkakan, Madura
Credits - @fayfaiiii

Credits – @fayfaiiii

Ranu Kumbolo, Gunung Semeru
Credits - @indotravelelrs

Credits – @indotravelelrs

Which Road Will You Take?

Which road will you take for your next destination? Will you go on the road that has been beaten many times by travellers before you? Or will you pave a new road for travellers that will come after you?

Be different and be bold. A new adventure starts right here with Samsung Galaxy

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