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12 Peaceful Places to Just Sit Back and Read in Indonesia


12 Peaceful Places to Just Sit Back and Read in Indonesia

We all have those moments when life gets a little too much, and all bookworms know that a quick dive into the pages of a novel can help you escape your daily troubles.

So, whether you’re an old school paperback lover or modern e-reader, you’ll wish you were at any of these 12 peaceful places, perfect for a relaxing read.


1. Kampung Sampireun

Sitting on the porch at one of these lake-side houses of Kampung Sampireun, Samarang, West Java, with the chirps of woodland crickets and the quiet splash of river boats streaming through the still waters…

2. Pulau Kanawa, Flores

Perhaps you’re an ocean lover, so why not shack up on Kanawa Island? Flip through your pages for an hour or so then jump into the pristine waters to cool off. Yes please!

3. Graha Indah Mangrove Centre, Balikpapan

For a real reading escape, you could become one with nature. Delve deep into the mangrove forests of Balikpapan and perch high to get a good view of the whole expanse at Graha Indah Mangrove Centre.

4. Batu Ratapan Angin,Telaga Warna

For those who need a wide, open space whilst they read, why not go get a good viewpoint like this one at the Coloured Lakes of the Dieng Plateau (Wonosobo, Central Java).

5. Pulau Weh, Sumatra

Sure, it’s a little cliché, but nothing beats dangling your feet over the edge of a pier, book in hand, surrounded by gorgeous Sumatran coastline.

6. Lake Toba, Sumatra

The vast expanse of Lake Toba is a great escape for any bookworm. Green, quiet and still offering a taste of ‘real Indonesia’. Sit lakeside and dip your toes in the waters whilst you read…

OR- get high up and enjoy your book from a little valley hut, enjoying a grander view of this mammoth lake.

7. Pulau Moyo, West Sumbawa

The Lesser Sunda Islands are simply breathtaking, and Moyo Island is no exception. Isolated, peaceful, wonderful views and…luxurious! The Amanwana Resort there offers a couple of good spots. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront deck:

Or maybe you’d prefer to read up on the porch of your stylish ‘glam-camp’.

8. Mesa Stila, Magelang

In Central Java, expect to be surrounded by pure nature. Isn’t pure nature simply the best when you’re looking to immerse yourself in a good read? At the gorgeous Mesa Stila resort is one spot you can enjoy both rice views and mountain views- the perfect book backdrop.

9. On a yacht touring Indonesian islands

If you need an ever-changing backdrop, why not tour the beautiful Indonesian islands on a boat. Book in hand, sit up on the deck and soak up some sun whilst the cool winds and sprays of sea bathe your skin. This could be you on the Alila Purnama phinsi liveaboard:-

10. Ubud Rice Paddies

This list would be incomplete without a mention of the peaceful Ubud, Bali. You don’t have to be a yogi hippie to enjoy the spanning verdant rice fields on your downtime. There are loads of peaceful spots to sit and read, like Café Pomegranate, with its bean-bags and cool al-fresco layout.

11. On a secluded Raja Ampat beach

Well, if you’re looking for total seclusion to get fully absorbed in your reading, head further afield and find yourself a virgin beach. Set up a sarong, or bean bags, and read away…

12. Of course, a water hammock on Gili T isn’t so bad…

What could be better than lying on a water hammock, sea rising slowly beneath you, keeping you cool as the sun sets before your eyes… Pure, reading, bliss.

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