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East-Meets-West: The Mie Goreng Cheese Sandwich


East-Meets-West: The Mie Goreng Cheese Sandwich

The Drunk Smuggler restaurant in Sydney has come up with a tasty, westernised way of eating the world’s favourite food: mie goreng.

Mie Goreng Sanga Sydney Drunk Smuggler

There have been countless versions and takes on the different ways of eating indomiewhich we’ve covered before – including this crazy Indomie Burrito that hit LA by Storm back in 2015. However that doesn’t mean people cannot continue to innovate with this delicious dish.

Down under in Sydney Australia, ‘The Drunk Smuggler’ has created the ‘Mi Goreng Sanga’ (sanga meaning sandwich for those who don’t speak…’Australian’). Imagine a Cheese Toastie stuffed with Mie Goreng… according to the video below, it was made as the perfect drunk meal. Drunk or not, we’d love a bite!

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