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Indonesia Projected to Become One Of The Largest Gaming Markets in Asia

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Indonesia Projected to Become One Of The Largest Gaming Markets in Asia

The largest archipelago is set to become one of the largest gaming markets in Asia. Gaming and eSports analytics company Newzoo projects that Indonesia’s gaming revenues will reach US$941 million (IDR 13.2 trillion) this year.

As demonstrated by how the authorities facilitated the launch of the first eSports tournament in the 18th Asian Games last year, Indonesia is investing heavily in its gaming industry. In fact, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo pledged to support various gaming competitions in the country including the President Cup, Youth National eSports Championship and 2019 IEC University Series.

With the renewed attention in growing this sector, the country has the potential to increase its market share in Asia. In this article, we will explore the future of gaming in Indonesia – currently one of the hottest gaming markets in the world.

Rise of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is the most popular platform in the world and Indonesia is no exception. There are at least 60 million mobile gamers in the country according to a study from advertising platform Pokkt. It is expected to reach 100 million, or two in five Indonesians, by next year.

In fact, this rapid expansion across Indonesia is getting the attention of Asian tech giants Tencent and Indonesian unicorn Gojek has recently launched GoGames, a platform for gaming pins, payments, features, and content. The service, integrated with the GoJek ecosystem, enables gamers to top-up, purchase virtual items, and access exclusive gaming promos.

Online gaming hubs

Indonesia is currently 17th in the world in terms of the highest gaming revenues. In addition, Asia is now one of the hottest markets for online gaming and businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to invest.

One key area is the growth of online casino gaming in Asia. iGaming Business report that the third Asian Games Summit will be held in Taipei next month to discuss regulatory challenges and innovation in online gaming. Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia, have been integrating gaming hubs with online platforms to create unique experiences for players. The Asian Games Summit will look at ways to move the industry forward.

In terms of casino gaming, the summit even has it own poker tournament for members, which shows how popular the game is becoming in Southeast Asia. One reason for this is due to the proliferation of online poker resources that can be accessed anywhere in the world. partypoker have online guides for Texas Hold’em that provide an in-depth look into the rules of the game for all types of players. The increasing number of online guides shows how popular online casino gaming has become, even in countries with strict laws, and why gaming companies in Asia will be looking to expand their online presence.

Future of gaming

ESports is now a recognized sport across the world. Indonesian gamers have already bagged some of the championships including this year’s MLBB League Championships. However, the local gaming industry remains lacking as most titles popular in the country are foreign-based.

But there are still thriving local gaming startups in the country. Gaming platform PlayGame, for one, recently bagged sizeable funding from blockchain VC TRON. The platform allows secure and transparent payments for gamers in a distributed environment. In partnership with Achain, the Indonesia-based company aims to capture the Chinese and East Asian markets.

All this points to how Indonesia will become one of Asia’s largest gaming markets.

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