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“Attention Bali” – Viral US Preacher Responds To Hate Mail!


“Attention Bali” – Viral US Preacher Responds To Hate Mail!

A mere 2 days ago we at WowShack posted a video of American evangelist Angela Cummings preaching in a Balinese temple back in 2015, and it went viral. Now guess what, she’s back for more.

That’s right, in her video below she explains that people have been hitting her website up and sending her hate mail for the way she acted in the Hindu Temple all those years ago. Well, in response to that she’s back on the camera with another message for Bali – and it seems nothing has changed!

Yes, it seems that Angela Cummings has not strayed from her “path of righteousness”.
However – to our readers – this does not make it okay for you to be sending her hate mail. Everyone has their own opinion and should have the right to their own beliefs; this is the very thing we are mad at her for doing, not allowing the Balinese Hindus to go about their own beliefs. If you send hate mail to her for having her own beliefs, you are doing exactly what she is doing too.
So, be careful, be thoughtful and most of all, be better!

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