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What Do New Zealanders Know About Indonesia?


What Do New Zealanders Know About Indonesia?

Indonesian born but New Zealand raised Sasya is a young, budding Youtuber that goes by the name of Kiwindo (Kiwi + Indo).

Kiwindo Youtuber New Zealand-2

Young YouTuber Kiwindo, photo from Kiwindo

In her thick New Zealand accent, Sasya wants to bridge the gap between NZ and Indonesia by presenting Kiwi culture to Indonesian-watchers on YouTube. It’s probably fair to say that both countries focus too much on our mutual direct neighbour, Australia, and forget about our friends across the pond!

In this episode of Kiwindo, Sasya turns the focus around and asks her fellow New Zealanders what they know about Indonesia!

Looks like our New Zealand friends need to come and discover Indonesia (not just Bali) and see what we’re all about. Great job to our friend Kiwindo for bringing NZ and Indonesia closer together – keep it up!

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