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American Woman Preaches To Balinese Hindus to “Praise Jesus”


American Woman Preaches To Balinese Hindus to “Praise Jesus”

In a shocking act of disrespect, an American street preacher takes to the Hindu temples of Bali  and shouts to worshippers to “Praise Jesus”. 

 With the classic Evangelist style talks usually only seen on American televisions, missionary Angela Cummings from the US of A takes her holiday in Bali a little too far by crashing a Balinese temple on an auspicious day in the Hindu Calendar (Tumpek Landep) and tells them to praise the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Angela Cummings Preacher

Angela Cummings preaching on the street. Source:

Shouting things like “God will destroy your idols Bali” and “God is no where near your celebrations” she shows her utter disrespect for local customs, different traditions and a generally low tolerance to beliefs outside of her own. Guess she’s unfamiliar with Indonesia’s Pancasilia and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika philosophy.

Luckily for this lady, the Balinese are peaceful folk – the very same act somewhere different and she may not have left in quite the same state… Angela, please don’t come back to Bali, or Indonesia, again.

Angela Cummings responded to all the attention on social media, see her reaction here.

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