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5 Innovative Ways Startups Are Revolutionizing Healthcare in Indonesia



5 Innovative Ways Startups Are Revolutionizing Healthcare in Indonesia

Indonesia might not be the first place you think about in terms of healthcare.

In fact, there were only 0.2 doctors per 1000 population in 2012. While this means that quality and accessible healthcare in Indonesia can be challenging to get, that hasn’t stopped some entrepreneurs from creating solutions to address these issues.

Here are 5 awesome innovations in the Indonesian healthcare field today…

Written by: Meredith Peng


1) Chat with a doctor online: 

How many times have you wanted to ask someone – anyone – with a medical background about that annoying cough that has been nagging at you for a month? Or that mysterious bump that won’t seem to go away? Or maybe you aren’t sure which kind of medicine to take for what purpose?

So you Google the answer, try to self-diagnose yourself, and end up with the extreme conclusion that you have an incurable disease with little hope of survival. Of course, it’s probably an overreaction, but without proper medical advice, you have no way of knowing.

Luckily, with startups like HelloSehat and TanyaDok, asking a doctor has never been so easy. Providing not only a way to find accurate medical information online but also access to a doctor for general inquiries, it is now much easier to find answers to common medical questions.

2) Receive a medical consultation:

Let’s say you want to take it a step further and get a medical consultation.

Surely that will require a lengthy trip to the doctor, an hour-long wait in the waiting room surrounded by sick people, and facing the macet on the way back home. Not anymore, thanks to the likes of Halodoc, Aloodokter, and YesDok, which have created an online consultation system that is far quicker and painless than traditional means.

3) Get a CTG Scan on-the-go:

TeleCTG is making it affordable and accessible for pregnant women anywhere to get a CTG scan.

Backed by Fenox Ventures, it uses low-cost IoT technology and aims to provide data capture at an affordable price while lowering the mortality rate of mothers through more timely diagnosis.

Especially for women in rural areas with little access to clean and safe medical facilities, this technology can be a game changer.

4) Buy medicine online:

Nowadays, pharmacies are moving online as well. When you’re sick, the last thing you’ll want to do is to go out and buy medicine. Online apothecaries like GO-MED and K24Klik are realizing this and now provide 24 hour non-stop services.

5) Order nurse services:

Finally, for those who need nursing, physical therapy, elderly care, and general home care services, it is now possible to choose and book from a variety of providers. Homecare24 and Insan Medika both provide ways to find these services and pay easily online. For something as intimate and important as nursing and home care, these services allow users the power of choice and peace of mind.

What was your favourite medical innovation? Do you have any ideas for the next big medical startup? Let us know in the comments below!

Meredith is an all-around New Yorker based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Follow her on

@thepengyo or visit her blog at 

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