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Bank Indonesia Has More Twitter Followers Than America’s Federal Reserve



Bank Indonesia Has More Twitter Followers Than America’s Federal Reserve

Bank Indonesia has the most Twitter followers of any Central Bank in the World.

 Bank Indonesia has over 625,000 followers on Twitter – a good 100,000 more than the Federal Reserve in America. Among Bank Indonesia’s 11,700 tweets, according to Bloomberg:

“are updates on exchange rates and inflation, prize giveaways and even a jaunty music video explaining how to spot fake bank notes. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s February visit spurred a flurry of posts.”


What Would You Prefer?

Federal Reserve

Balance sheet updates with integrated macroeconomic account data…


Bank Indonesia

Music video on how to detect fake notes…

Bank Indonesia spokesman Agusman said policymakers realized that use of social media had become a necessity considering the country’s large millennial population.

“With social media, we can breach communication barriers and also communicate in style”

The bank is committed to making its content more “engaging and shareable” and “most importantly to become viral”.

But more than being just about clicks, it’s a strategy of connection.

Social media is perhaps the most efficient way of communicating with 260 million people across 17,000 islands. And Indonesians are famous consumers of social media.

There are more than 24 million Indonesian Twitter accounts
3rd highest Twitter population behind the U.S. and India
Indonesia has created about 90 million Facebook accounts.

Indonesian policymakers’ desire to engage with the everyday Indonesians is a refreshing stance compared to other Central Banks.

Boring speech transcripts and weekly balance sheet adjustments have been substituted for photos of Indonesia and music videos…

Twitter’s original purpose.


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