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12 Crazy Pictures From Indonesia’s “Mad-Max” Extreme Vespa Festival


12 Crazy Pictures From Indonesia’s “Mad-Max” Extreme Vespa Festival

Indonesia loves its bikes.

From home of the Go-Jek, we have more bikes than people and a Benkel mechanic on every street. Some enthusiasts take this love to the extreme.

In Kediri, East Java, the extreme motorheads have gathered for the 3rd Vespa Festival, exhibiting the best and the naughtiest altered Vespas. Imagine Mad Max, Italian Scooters and Indonesian Culture had a baby, it would be this festival…

Here are 12 outrageous pictures from the Vespa Festival:

To Enter, Every Customized Vehicle Must Have A Vespa Engine

Everyone Tries To Maintain The Classic Curved Front Of The Vespa

No matter how “Mad Max” it gets out there…

It Really Brings You To A Post-Apocalyptic World

The adjustments are varied. Some are transformed into tanks with fake machine guns, some with a dozen extra tires, and a couple proudly bare token creepy stuffed toys.


Adjustments Depend On The Owner’s Tastes And Budget

Some Spend Big…

Some don’t.

Many can only afford scrap metal or gems found at the junkyard

Many Vespa Festivals Are Held Across Indonesia – It’s Kediri’s Third

Contests range from “best-looking” to dirt-track races for the “Valentino Rossi” bikes.

Contestants Usually Travel To The Festival At Night To Avoid The Police

Since Most Vehicles Are Unlicensed.

It’s A Tiring Day Out…

But What’s A Festival Without A Heavy Metal After-Party?

Source: New York Post

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