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Why Jakarta’s MACAN Museum Is In TIME’s “World’s 100 Greatest Places”


Why Jakarta’s MACAN Museum Is In TIME’s “World’s 100 Greatest Places”

Jakarta’s First Modern Art Museum – Museum MACAN – has been named in TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Greatest Places.”

This is no mean feat. It’s also fully deserved.

According to TIME:

“Indonesia’s famously vibrant modern-art scene finally has the home it deserves. Museum MACAN—a contraction of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, a suburb of the Indonesian capital—sprawls over 43,000 sq. ft. and showcases local talent, such as painter and performance artist Tisna Sanjaya and woodwork specialist Gatot Indrajati, alongside international icons such as Japan’s Yayoi Kusama and China’s Ai Weiwei.”

The National

“Most of the art comes from the personal trove of Haryanto Adikoesoemo, a prominent local collector, and businessman. In order to extend its remit, the facility, which opened in November 2017, also does community outreach, offering resources to teachers to talk to students about art.”

Here are 22 examples of why MACAN deserves to be considered one of the “100 destinations to experience right now”…

Yayoi Kusama Exhibition

One of the foremost contemporary Artists of the last 50 years is on show

Narcissus Garden

1,500 Stainless steel balls endlessly reflect and involve the viewer in the artwork. The boundless narcissism of Indonesia’s “selfie generation” is fantastically captured by the work when most groups go by…

Was This Part Of The Plan?


The Concept Of Infinity Is Constant Through Her Work

Honeycombers Singapore

Have A Look For Yourself…

WowShack Original

“Infinity Mirrored Room – Brilliance Of The Souls”

The Jakarta Post

“I Want To Love On The Festival Night”

To Call Kasuma “Eccentric” Is An Understatement

Similar to saying IndoMie tastes “OK”.

Travel Kompas

The Genius Herself

So overcome by her artistic exploration and “hallucinations” she checked herself into a mental hospital… and set up an art studio across the road.


“The Obliteration Room”

Kasuma strives to get the viewer to interact and become the art. “The Obliteration Room” invites the viewer to place colourful stickers wherever they want.

Jakarta Post

And Take A Picture, Of Course

The Brains Himself

Museum MACAN opened in November 2017 thanks to Haryanto Adikoesoemo. Forbes Businessman of the Year 2012, Haryanto’s real passion is Collecting Art… And has 800 contemporary pieces to prove it.

PT AKR Corporindo Tbk

Where Better To Display It Than In Your Very Own Art Museum?


Interesting Sculptures

Adira Finance

Comfortable Seats

Testing Themes


… Really Testing Themes.

Indeed, there may be no safer space for free Artistic expression in the whole of Indonesia.

CoBo Social

It’s This Ethos That Has Made MACAN A Sensation With Indonesia’s Creative Types And Given It Global Recognition

Getty Images

MACAN Inspires Jakarta’s And Indonesia’s Artists To Exercise Their Own Talent

And Is Also A Hub For Community Outreach

Wikimedia Commons

Yogyakartan Artist Gatot Indrajati’s Educational Exhibition Gives Children The Chance To Express Themselves

This particular feature uses cardboard boxes for art – a timely reminder of recycling and environmental consciousness in the Artspace. Kids are invited to assemble their own creations.

The Jakarta Post

Gatot Going Deeper – “Young Statue”

Gatot explores the loss of traditional Indonesian handicraft and woodwork at the expense of modern machinery.

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta can be an infuriating place to be when it feels like there’s nothing to do except go to the mall.

Museum MACAN has filled a gap for artistic expression and is nothing less than a modern cultural phenomenon for the previously uncatered for creatives. A market that this country has in abundance.

It’s fantastic that MACAN has been internationally recognized.

Long may it be at the forefront of Contemporary Art in Indonesia.

Note: Yayoi Kusama’s Art Exhibition finishes 9th September… so get down quick!

Sources: TIME | Jakarta Post

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