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Wiro Sableng Movie Released After Indonesia Wins 14 Pencak Silat Gold


Wiro Sableng Movie Released After Indonesia Wins 14 Pencak Silat Gold

Wiro Sableng is coming back at the perfect time.

The fictional Pencak Silat hero has been one of Indonesia’s most beloved characters since he first appeared in graphic novels in 1967. His revamp is already being critically reviewed, with IMDB giving it an 8.0.

Opening on Friday, 31st August, during Pencak Silat’s first Asian Games. Just as the sport has:

Seen Jokowi And Prabowo Unite


Sekretariat Kabinet

Annoyed Malaysia So Much It Almost Broke The Internet


Brought Indonesia 14 Gold Medals



The sport is arguably at the peak of its popularity in its thousand-year history on the archipelago. Indeed, Indonesia’s performance has been the best advertising campaign possible for the movie.

Wiro Sableng Will Take Over Close To A Third Of Indonesia’s Movie Screens.

We’re talking Avengers level dominance.

It’s The First Time An Indonesian Film Has Been Backed By 20th Century FOX

The $2 million budget is like Rp. 20,000 to Rupert Murdoch.

This Is Just One More Piece To The Original 185-Book Empire

So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not go check out Wiro Sableng 212?

Everyone else in the country will be.

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