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This Map Shows What Every Country In The World Is Best At

Photo: David McCandless


This Map Shows What Every Country In The World Is Best At

Can you guess what Indonesia is best at?

From Argentina’s horse meat to Papua New Guinea’s diversity; from Nigeria’s scrabble players to Paraguay’s positivity — map pinpoints every nation to be the best at something.

Data journalist and information designer David McCandless has researched which countries do what best, based on statistics gathered from sources across the internet.

Mr McCandless told The Independent it took three weeks of solid work to complete the map, a process that required “roving news articles, rifling big databanks (UN, World Bank, CIA World Factbook) and doing specific Google searches.”

He added: “Where there were multiple options for some countries, we chose the most interesting or entertaining possibility – and kept the alternatives in the datasheet.

Mr McCandless said he found some surprises in his research. He said: “One anomaly was Bolivia being ranked as the best for Brazil Nuts.

David McCandless

And the answer is… Coconuts!

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