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20 Photos Of Jokowi With World Leaders At The G20 Summit


20 Photos Of Jokowi With World Leaders At The G20 Summit

Leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies gathered in Hamburg, Germany to discuss the pressing issues we face.

We follow Indonesian President Jokowi as he rubs shoulders with the likes of France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkle and China’s Xi Jinping. Jokowi even shared a stage with Donald Trump at an eventful conference.

Here are 20 photos of Jokowi at the recent G20 Summit…

1) Jokowi Takes A Selfie Whilst Visiting President Erdogan In Turkey On His Way To Germany

2) While In Turkey, Jokowi Went To The Impressive Kocatepe Mosque in Anakara, Turkey


3) And Came Away With A Little Present


4) Ceremonial Greetings In Hamburg

The Jakarta Post

5) Accompanied By His Wife Iriani Joko Widodo As They Arive At The Summit

6) Posing For The Traditional Family Photo With Spouses

Yeni Safak

7) French President Macron Barges To the Front To Get Closer To The Indonesian President

Koran Jakarta

8) Jokowi Is Taken Aback By Trump’s Poorly Fitted Suit


9) Discussing Indonesian And Australian Relations With Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull


10) Jokowi Loves A Good Joke

Berita Dunia

11) Canada’s Justin Trudeau Shows Off His Incredible Sock Game


12) Macron Listens To Jokowi’s Opinion Of French Food

13) Xi Jinping Humours Jokowi With Badges “Made In China”


14) Sharing A Genuine Moment With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

15) Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni On The Edge Of His Seat As Jokowi Describes A Tasty Nasi Goreng


16) Jokowi Meets Trump For A One-on-One


17) And Manages To Get The First Smile Out Of Trump In A While


18) It can’t Be Comfortable Sitting So Close To The Man Making “America Great Again”


19) Be Careful Of That Tricky Trump Hand Shake Jokowi!

Berita Akurat

20) Even After Talking With Jokowi, Trump Foolishly Mistakes Him For Singaporean Prime Minister Lee On Instagram

Well done Donald.


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