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The Emerald Of The Equator – 34 Indonesian Provinces In 34 Magnificent Pictures



The Emerald Of The Equator – 34 Indonesian Provinces In 34 Magnificent Pictures

The world’s largest archipelago offers a rich mix of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and biodiversity. Despite this, most foreign tourists visiting South East Asia often overlook Indonesia as a holiday destination (other than Bali).

With its charm fully intact and unspoiled from over-tourism, Indonesia is the region’s best-kept secret. A picture says 1000 words, right? Well, here’s a 34,000-word essay.

Aceh: Saman Dance
Bali: Ubud
Bangka-Belitung Islands: Bird Island
Banten: Ujung Kulon National Park
Bengkulu: Bukit Daun’s Rafflesia Arnoldi
Central Java: Borobudur Temple
4shared user 'ksEjVcnM'
Central Kalimantan: Tanjung Puting
Central Sulawesi: Saluopa Waterfall
East Java: Mount Bromo
Sara Marlowe
East Kalimantan: Labuan Cermin
Kristano Adibuyung
East Nusa Tenggara: Kelimutu Lakes
Gorontalo: Limboto Lake
Jakarta: Central Business District
Jambi: Muara Jambi Temple
Lampung: Mount Krakatau
Maluku: Lelisa Beach
North Kalimantan: Kayan Mentarang
North Maluku: Bula Beach
Flickr user 'Firman Kamil'
North Sulawesi: Bunaken Marine Park
North Sumatra: Lake Toba
Flickr user 'palhtg'
Papua: Jayawijaya Mountains
H. Kurniawan
Riau: An-Nur Great Mosque
Riau Islands: Tanjung Senubing
South Kalimantan: Floating Market
Bargas Ardian
South Sulawesi: Tana Toraja
South Sumatra: Ampera Bridge
Southeast Sulawesi: Wakatobi
West Java: White Crater
West Kalimantan: Dayak Dance
Yusuf Ahmad / Reuters
West Nusa Tenggara: Mount Rinjani
West Papua: Raja Ampat Islands
West Sulawesi: Masjid Agung Mamuju
West Sumatra: Rumah Gadang
Mohammad Azmi
Yogyakarta: Prambanan Temple Compounds
Dimas Prakasa

What are your favourite places in Indonesia? Where in Indonesia would you like to visit if given the chance


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