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Indonesian Woman Goes Viral for Eating (and Reviewing) Bars of Soap


Indonesian Woman Goes Viral for Eating (and Reviewing) Bars of Soap

Did you ever get punished by your parents by getting your ‘mouth washed’ with soap after you said a dirty word?

Well, Khosik Assyifa must have a serious potty mouth because this woman is regularly sticking bars of soap in her own mouth. The difference is, she’s enjoying it!

source: @khosikmubarok

Hailing from the village of Dungun, Probolinggo Regency, East Java, Mobarokatul Hosi’ah, known colloquially as Khosik Assyifa developed an incredibly strange habit back in 2017. 

She was pregnant with her first child when she suddenly had a craving, just as many pregnant women do. But unlike other pregnant women, who crave normal things like nasi uduk, burgers, tahu goreng, sodas or desserts…

Khoshik had an intense craving to eat soap. 

According to one source, she tried to keep her strange pregnancy craving a secret from her husband and would lock herself in the bathroom to satisfy her soapy desires.

However, even after the cravings stopped it seemed she had already developed a real taste for the suds and continued to gobble up the body cleaning cake.

She went viral, she explains on one TV interview, because she shared the video in a chat group with her friends, who then shared the video with other people, quickly making her an internet sensation.

Khoshik on a TRANS7 show Hitam Putih , with Dedy Corbuzier. Source: TRANS7

But, instead of being embarrassed by it she has embraced the strange and has taken to social media to not only showcase her love of soap-eating but go so far as to trial different brands, from Lifebuoy, Giv and Lux – you know, all the classic flavours! 

Watch for yourself as @khosikmubraok dives into a her favourite soap bar, licking them like any child would an ice cream cone:-

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