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Amazing Instagram Account Exposes Indonesian Influencers for Bad English


Amazing Instagram Account Exposes Indonesian Influencers for Bad English

Influencers, the locusts of social media, swarming our feeds with selfies, inspirational quotes and exaggerated poses in beautiful places they didn’t pay for. 

Yes, these (mostly) beautiful people are their very own TMZ, sharing their latest updates and outfits with gaggles of fans wishing they had the lives of the rich and Instafamous . But here’s the reality folks: 250k followers, 8,000 likes per post, but score on the English exam? 3/10.

That is, until now. 

Source: revealed below!
Firstly, let’s answer this question “Who cares?”

Well we all should care. Social media is now one of the most looked at mediums for any human being, the official statistics by Statista stated that we spend 135 minutes a day on average looking at social media — but that was in 2017 and was an average of all age groups. For younger demographics – like those probably following influencers – that number is definitely much higher. 

With that in mind, we must remember that we are absorbing information as we scroll through feeds and read captions. So, when there are hundreds of profiles with thousands of followers out there posting #sokinggris (wanna-be English) captions, they are inadvertently advertising (and teaching) poor language skills. 

That’s what we call a bad education!

It’s a bad teacher teaching children the wrong way to do things (like the English textbook below). And if you don’t agree then think again why they are called “influencers” – they influence people, duh!

Fortunately, we have been given an unlikely hero: @englishbusters.

Clearly an account that has been started by someone feeling gemes (frustrated) from all the badly-used English he or she is seeing on Instagram, @englishbusters is calling out influencers for their poor command of the English-language. 

Going all out, the account is posting and tagging the influencers when they’ve been caught out, or ‘busted’. Here are some examples:-

(1) “I’m forgot my sunglasses”
(2) “Some says life is not a fairytale and there not happy endings”
English Busters Indonesian Influencers 62
(3) A queen is in a thirst of ascendent
English Busters Indonesian Influencers 32
(4) Behind every beautiful smile, there’s a beautiful teeth
English Busters Indonesian Influencers 52

Yep, it’s hilarious. And for some reason, the evil, conniving and probably envious parts of ourselves love to see these Influencers being knocked down a peg.

But, it’s important to note that @englishbusters aren’t just out to smash influencers. Rather they’re using comedy and public exposure as a platform to (a) educate the influencers (b) educate their followers. With every posting, they’re also sharing the correct grammar and phraseology to use. It’s for the greater good!

Some influencers don’t appreciate their public Spellcheck:
Source: @englishbusters

Whilst others totally embrace the correction and are rewarded for their good sportsmanship:

Sure, we can all have a massive laugh – as in seriously, you will lol at this page – at the cost of these influencers, but @englishbusters is providing a service that goes beyond putting people down. With this profile now out there roaming the feeds, influencers will think twice before they throw up that next “All our dreams is can come true, if we is having the courage to pursue them”.

I guess you could say @englishbusters is the hero that Indonesian influencers need, but not the hero they deserve.

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