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Idul Fitri – The Best Time Of Year To Be In Jakarta


Idul Fitri – The Best Time Of Year To Be In Jakarta

Idul Fitri is a special time of year for Muslims in Indonesia.

It represents spiritual union, family togetherness and the chance to return to one’s regular eating habits. As important as these are, it also represents an incredible anomaly for the nation’s capital.

Jakarta becomes a beautiful city for a week.

That’s right. Jakarta becomes a breathable, livable, uncongested metropolis.

And here’s why…

1.44 Million Cars Left Jakarta For Lebaran 2018

That’s up 3.6% from last year.

Humas ID 

More Than 8 Million People Left Greater Jakarta for Mudik

Greater Jakarta’s population is 30 million, meaning 1/3 of the population has left for a week! Indeed, Almost 20 million people have left Indonesia’s major cities.

It’s The Only Time Of Year Where Jl. Rasuna Said Looks Like This

Compare That To The Usual Rush Hour On Any Given Day


You Could Even Go To Ancol’s Sea World And Ragunan Zoo On The Same Day

Look, Google Maps has no red lines of traffic! North-to-South Jakarta in 45 minutes. Let that sink in for a moment…

Google Maps | Taken 1.36pm Thursday 14th June

As a result of fewer people being in the city, there are also fewer vehicles. Meaning, there are less of the cities greatest air polluters.

This was the viral photo of Jakarta’s reduced air pollution that circulated last Idul Fitri.

@Amadeus Pribowo

According to the Jakarta Environment Agency, the air quality has already recognizably improved in 2018:

“Air quality at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle, Central Jakarta, showed on Wednesday that the level of sulfur dioxide ( SO2 ) had decreased by 27.36 percent.” 

“Other pollutants, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide ( NO2 ), have also decreased by 66.91 percent and 70.81 percent respectively.” 

The air quality in Lubang Buaya, East Jakarta, also improved, with SO2 and CO decreasing by 2.18 and 53.45 percent respectively.

“NO2 and PM10 concentrations have also reduced (in Lubang Buaya) by 43.63 percent and 28.08 percent respectively.

For one week every year, Jakarta shows how beautiful it really is. Our capital reveals itself to be one of the great major cities when the population reduces to a more comfortable capacity.

So if you’re planning on visiting Jakarta, make sure you come during Idul Fitri.

And if you’ve already kembali ke kampung – feel free to stay home another week!

Sources: Jakarta Post | Tempo | Public Holidays Global

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