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Creating Unity: Comparing US and Indonesia’s Ability to Unite a Massive Nation


Creating Unity: Comparing US and Indonesia’s Ability to Unite a Massive Nation

Did you know that the United States and Indonesia actually have the same national motto?

“America’s national motto is ‘e pluribus unum’ or out of many, one. In Indonesia, taken from a Mahayana Buddhist epic poem written in Java, the national motto is ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’, translated as ‘it is different, but it is one’ – popularly translated as Unity in Diversity.”

This is one of the interesting parallels that was shared in an episode of this Bali-based podcast, which was centred around ‘Embracing and Celebrating Differences in Indonesia’.

“[Bhinneka Tunggal Ika] is the motto carried by the Garuda, the Javanese Eagle that has become the national coat of arms in its form as the Garuda Pancasila. Do you see another similarity? Both country’s use an eagle as their national symbol.”

Another interesting parallel drawn up by the podcast, which continues to unpack why Indonesia – a nation almost as large but definitely more diverse than the US – has been able to keep to its national motto of ‘Unity in Diversity’ where the US seems to have failed . It goes on to describe the effects of the Pancasila as well as examples of religious tolerance in Bali.

By the end of it, the 15-minute audio experience shares how in Indonesia, diversity and difference is not only accepted, it is celebrated.

Have a listen and see if you agree with the parallels and the views on Indonesia’s ability to be ‘united’:-

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