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Can Seaweed Solve Indonesia’s Plastic Crisis?


Can Seaweed Solve Indonesia’s Plastic Crisis?

Indonesia produces around 1.3 million tons of plastic every day.

That’s 462 million tons a year.

Indonesia has committed to reducing its ocean plastic contribution by 70% by 2025. If this is to happen, we’re gonna need some BIG changes around here. And big ideas.

Enter Evoware.

Evoware is an Indonesian company that sources seaweed from local producers. The aim is to replace all plastics too small to recycle into a biodegradable substitute.

As the second largest producer of seaweed in the world, not only will this support the coastal communities across Indonesia, it might just give us a chance to hit that important 2025 target.

Imagine IndoFood and other conglomerates replaced their small plastic packaging with Seaweed substitutes?

Beyond the incredible CSR benefits, the world would just be a better place.

Check out the awesome work Evoware are doing below:

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