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Bandung’s Nazi – Themed SoldatenKaffee Reopens As WWII Cafe

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Bandung’s Nazi – Themed SoldatenKaffee Reopens As WWII Cafe

A Nazi-themed café that was shut following an International protest at its décor has re-opened — still bearing quotations and paintings of Adolf Hitler, and staff in Nazi uniforms.

The SoldatenKaffee — named after a café in Paris popular with German soldiers during World War 2 — is located Bandung, Indonesia. The establishment was closed in July 2013 after its owner received death threats, but they pledged to re-open it and remove the swastikas.

However, when it was re-launched in June this year, men attended the opening in Nazi uniform and others posed as prisoners of war. The café now features some allied memorabilia, but the Nazi insignia and uniforms that prompted the protest remain.

SoldatenKaffee had been in business for three years before it gained the attention of the world’s media. Press reports were followed by fierce international condemnation, largely from Jewish organisations.

The local authorities asked restaurant operator, Mr. Mulyana, to explain his reason for opening a Nazi-themed café.

“I’m just a businessman, not a politician,” Mulyana told the media.
“I have a right to design my restaurant with anything that attracts people to come. I’m sure that I’m not violating any laws”.

The Jewish population of Indonesia is extremely small, and according to various sources, knowledge of the Holocaust and the Nazi era is not widespread in Indonesia.

A local customer, dressed in World War II motif military uniform, is shown below praying at a corner of the controversial SoldatenKaffee.

What do you think? Will you be stopping by SoldatenKaffee anytime soon?

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