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American Tries Mie Goreng Indomie For the First Time


American Tries Mie Goreng Indomie For the First Time

That’s right, more of our American friends on YouTube are taking to Indonesian food and what better first bite than our biggest export, Indomie. 

KaryFoolery is an American-based YouTube who doesn’t just love snacks but seems to have a pre-disposition for Indonesian snacks. Looking at this videos you’ll find him taste-testing everything from Pop Mie, many different kinds of instant noodles from Indonesia, Nabati Cheese wafers, Kacang Atom Garuda, Kusuku cassava chips and even Nano Nano!

Do Indonesian millennials even know what Nano Nano is?!

Without a doubt, KaryFoolery is an ‘Indonesia-phile’. Even his background in his videos displays Indonesian snacks:

KaryFoolery YouTube American Tries Indomie

In this particular episode, he invites a friend to try his beloved classic Mie Goreng (Indomie) and watches as his friend judges one his favourite all-time snacks. As always, watching Westerners try to pronounce Indonesian words is a big entertainment factor.

The jury is in, does KaryFooler’s friend get addicted like the rest of us? Watch and find out:

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