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16 Ways To Improve Your Life in Indonesia


16 Ways To Improve Your Life in Indonesia

Indonesia is truly an amazing country.

However, over time we begin to focus on the negative aspects and we get sucked into bad lifestyles; we forget what life we should be living. The country has its bad sides, but how we choose to deal with them can help us live a better life.

Here are our 16 suggestions to help you be happier and healthier in our beautiful country!

1) Accept The Traffic

For those of you who live in congested cities, where rush hour begins outside our front door steps – accept it. Think about it: stressing out and getting angry about something you can’t change is pointless. Take it easy, listen to some music, philosophise about life. Your blood pressure will thank you.

2) Or, Find A Way Around It…

Don’t just do what you always do; sitting and waiting in your car for hours on end. Adjust your normal routine: maybe grab an ojek? Change the time you leave home? There’s always another way!

3) Create A Healthy Home Environment

Indonesia isn’t exactly the healthiest place to live, with litter, air and water pollution common problems – there isn’t much you can do about this. What you can do is create a home environment that is both healthy and comfortable; maybe apply a no indoor smoking policy?

4) Embrace Your Surroundings

Whether you’re living surrounded by the skyscrapers of Jakarta or in some kampung in North Sulawesi – embrace and enjoy it. Find the positives of your surroundings and take it all in – you’ll de-stress and appreciate the life you’re living.

5) Don’t Get Obsessed With Politics

Dodgy politicians have been around for as long as there’s been politics! Don’t stress, the problems are way out of your reach. Focus on the things you can change, like positive effects on your community. The politicians can’t take that away from you.

6) Stop Eating ‘Fake Stuff’

The food found around our cluster of islands is extremely delicious. From our rendang, to our otak-otak, to our jajan pasar. However, nowadays it’s more common to see people eating MSG-filled instant noodles and drinking sugary instant coffee out of sachets… Here’s our advice, get back to real foods and avoid that quick and easy fix.

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7) Get On Your Feet

Our lifestyles have changed dramatically in Indonesia. We sit in cars or on motorbikes and literally drive everywhere, even to the Indomaret next door! It’s good to get those legs moving; take a stroll, just a couple times a week, you’ll find that going for a little walk down the street will clear your mind and have you feeling great.

(I’m not talking about malls here ya guys…)

8) Travel This Amazing Country

Your life will improve tenfold if you get out there and explore this awesome archipelago! Beaches, jungles, coral reefs, mountains, rice paddies, cities and villages – we have it all – so why not get out there and make the most of it?

9) Help and Make A Difference

The best way to make yourself feel good, is to do something good. There are so many causes that need your help in Indonesia. Donate or volunteer to a charity, join a reforestation campaign, build wells in east Bali, teach sports to orphan children. The way you feel about yourself and about your life here will change dramatically once you’ve done so.

10) Disconnect – Reconnect

Modern life has infiltrated Indonesia. We see people today sitting at dinner glued to their phones ignoring the people around them… sometimes its so important to disconnect from work, technology, devices and reconnect with friends, family, nature etc.

11) Ignore The Idiots

Wow, there are so many around. With a population of more than 250 million, we’re bound to have a few bad apples. When that careless idiot on his motorbike swerves in front of you or when cut in line, or try to rip you off, don’t let it affect you. Don’t stress out over an idiot’s poor decision making, you’ll just put yourself in a bad mood.

Twitter user : @asuberulah

Twitter user : @asuberulah

12) Find a Park

Jakarta Governor ‘Ahok’ pledges to build 50 public parks a year for 3 years in and around Jakarta, hopefully other cities will follow suit too. However, there are already some out there, like Taman Ayodya Jakarta Selatan (below) – seek them out and enjoy some greenery.

13) Breathe In Real Fresh Air

So much air pollution fills our urban environment and very rarely do our lungs get a good dose of clean air. Even indoors, we’re inhaling A/C ‘freon’ which isn’t good for our health. From our homes, to our cars, to the office, to the malls… we’re breathing air conditioning 24/7. When you get the chance, take a trip out of the urban areas, out of the pollution… and just BREATHE!

14) Get Your Daily Dose of Natural Light

In countries that have 4 seasons, many people are affected by the winter darkness, getting ‘seasonal affective disorder’ or winter depression. This is caused by the lack of natural light entering their eyes, affecting their hormones… here in Indonesia, we are blessed with 12-hours of natural light every day! So take advantage of this and soak up that natural light, you will find your mood picking up in no time.

15 ) Be A Tourist

It’s so easy to get fed up of where you’re living, as we get into these monotonous cycles and routines of daily life. So, why not mix things up and rediscover the city or town you live in, become a tourist for a day and fall back in love with where you live.

16) Just Smile!

It’s been proven guys, your facial expressions actually have an effect on your real emotions! Smile, each and every day, you will begin to feel that smile seeps into you and your emotions improving.

It’s so easy here in Indonesia, look around and you’ll see people are smiling all the time. Join them, smile, and feel good about living in this amazing country!

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