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Indonesia’s Reggae Ambassador – Ras Muhamad’s Journey To Jamaica


Indonesia’s Reggae Ambassador – Ras Muhamad’s Journey To Jamaica

Reggae has always been popular in Indonesia.

Cemented in struggle and inspired by love, the genre’s chilled vibes have engrossed listeners across the country and the world. Bob Marley may have shot the Sherif, but there’s a new Deputy in town.

He is our very own Ras Muhamad – Indonesia’s Reggae Ambassador.

Ras Muhamad has been exporting a very Indonesian take on Reggae to the rest of the world. But unlike most of the mainstream fame-chasers of the music industry, Ras has more spiritual motivations:

“As a Reggae artist, the message has to be there especially about positivity. Especially about raising awareness, not just raising the consciousness of ourselves, but the place and the environment we are living in. We are living on planet Earth and we need to take care of it. Reggae music carries that vibration of the earth.”

Driven by his motives of peace and love, here’s what happened when Ras Muhamad visited Reggae’s heartland, Jamaica.

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