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26 Excellent Excuses To Visit Flores – The Flower Of Indonesia



26 Excellent Excuses To Visit Flores – The Flower Of Indonesia

The former Portuguese colony is something to behold.

Flores has some of the most stunning flora, unique fauna, and picturesque landscapes in the whole of Indonesia. And thanks to the few airports it boasts, Flores has been able to maintain a quaintness that is often lost on its Bali and Lombok counterparts.
But we could spend a thousand words describing Flores and not do it the justice that a single picture could.

So we’re just gonna let Flores do the talking in 26 gorgeous photos…

The Vista’s Are Incredible – From Above…

… And Below

Flores Is What Happens When “Jurassic Park” Meets “Middle Earth”

The Island Even Has Their Own Prehistoric Monsters Too!

The Water Ain’t Bad Either

There are So Many Beautiful Islands Around, Just Waiting To Be Explored…

And Unbelievable Mountains To Climb, Like Kelimutu

Which Has 3 Volcanic Lakes, Each With A Different Colour

Trust Us, You Won’t Regret The Early Morning Trek

Sometimes, Life’s A Beach…

A Relaxing, Pretty Pink Beach… Wait, Pink?

The Water Falls From The Heavens

Down A Flowing Stream

Into A Reservoir

And Finally To The Ocean, Where All Life On Earth Began

And Still, Thrives

This Guy Quantum Leapt From Another Dimension, And Couldn’t Find Anywhere Better Than The Flores Seas!

Back On Land, The Portuguese Influence is Obvious. Rustic Churches Are Plentiful Across The Catholic Island

Yet Still, The Indigenous Cultures Live In Peaceful Harmony With The Outside Wolrd
– Wae Rebo Villiage –

Continuing To Observe Their Communal Customs

And Traditional Entertainments

Flores Even Used To Have A Completely Different Kind Of Human,
– Homo Floresiensis –

A.K.A The Flores Hobbit

(Can You Spot Bilbo Baggins?)

The Flores Hobbits Used These Huge Caves For Shelter

At The End Of A Day In Indonesia, There’s Nothing Quite Like An Indonesian Sunset

Flores is a natural, cultural and refreshing holiday explosion open for exploration.

Your next island adventure awaits.

So zip up those bags, book those tickets and get over… before the hoards in Bali find out!


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