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25 Pictures That Epitomize Indonesia’s Rubbish Problem


25 Pictures That Epitomize Indonesia’s Rubbish Problem

According to Antara News, Indonesia produces 5.4 million tonnes of plastic every year. Where does it all go? A lot of it goes into landfills, where it begins a 450-year decomposition process- others sit in rivers, lakes, beach fronts, sidewalks, heaps and dumps. It’s a blight on what is actually a beautiful country.

These 25 photos only further reiterate that change is needed.

1) No Grass to Graze

2) Generation Y (?)

 3) Kuta Beach, Island of the Gods // Agung Parameswara/Getty Images // Agung Parameswara/Getty Images 

4) Labuan Bajo, Flores

5) A River Lies Beneath  //  Bagus Indahono/EPA  //  Bagus Indahono/EPA 

6) Where’s Wally? // Javad Tizmaghz // Javad Tizmaghz 

7) Bantar Gebang Landfill // Javad Tizmaghz // Javad Tizmaghz  

8) Bantar Gebang Landfill 2 // Javad Tizmaghz // Javad Tizmaghz  

9) When’s His Playtime? // Javad Tizmaghz  

10) Kenjeran Beach

11) Surfin’ PVC

12) Landfill Lunacy

13) A Family Business

14) The Dead Sea 

15) Stand Up Paddle, Ciliwung 

16) Too Gnarly

17) Chariots of Rubbish

18) Not Quite Waterbom (Cilincing) 

19) Streetart, Ancol 

20) The Venice of Asia

21) Dinner with a View, Sulawesi 

22) Not A Hobby

23) Hygiene, 101 

24) The Cholesterol of the Citarum River Artery

25) Is This Really Indonesia?

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