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The Flying Dragons of Indonesia


The Flying Dragons of Indonesia

The fact that Indonesia is home to the largest lizard in the world – the Komodo, which we featured already – and also flying dragons, just goes to show that the fauna found in this country is unbeatable. 

Known as the Draco Volans, meaning flying lizard, these guys are actually pretty small, only reaching sizes up to around 20cm. Now, although they are called ‘flying’ lizards, their wings don’t actually flap, so they simply glide from tree to tree.

No, they don’t breath fire, wreak havoc over poor villages, stealing cattle and livestock – a la Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones. They live in trees and eat ants and termites. Actually, they’re kinda cute…. Awww….

Their wings are stretched skin over elongated rib-bone, which they can retract and expand at will. When it comes to mating, they use their colorful wings for courting – just look at this sexy beast, damn!

The Draco Volans can also be found in the Philippines and in Malaysia. Here in Indonesia they are mainly found in the forests of Kalimantan. What other crazy creatures can we find there, we wonder?

Despite being small, non-fire breathing creatures – we think they’re pretty great and we’re happy we can add it to the repertoire of awesome things in Indonesia. Ah, if only they came with a Khaleesi…

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