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Why is Jakarta Sinking? – Vox Explains


Why is Jakarta Sinking? – Vox Explains

It’s no secret. Our capital is sinking. And rather than fix the problem, in true Indonesian fashion the government has decided that moving the entire capital to Kalimantan is somehow a more effective solution. No surprises there.

Of course, the reasons for moving the capital aren’t published as such. Jakarta, as we have seen, is certainly more and more vulnerable to the changes in climate, and is also dealing with the consequences of its rapid, under-regulated development.

What this spells out, however, is that somehow moving the capital is easier than fixing the problem. So, the problem must be pretty darn big.

Even once the federal buildings move and the capital is re-instated, Jakarta will continue to be a financial, cultural and lifestyle centre for the country. Many will not move with the capital and cannot simply ‘runaway’ from the problem… So, whether one likes it or not, the problem must be solved – and before that, the problem itself must be identified.

Vox, in one of their latest videos, outlines Why Jakarta is Sinking, effectively spelling out for us where these problems stem from and why this is in fact a “400-year curse” that plagues the current capital. Watch it here:

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