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Most Valuable Indonesian Brands Of 2017


Most Valuable Indonesian Brands Of 2017

It’s been a good year for the top Indonesian brands.

Indonesia’s strongest brands are 8% more valuable than in 2016, with a total valuation of USD $71.6 Billion. Unsurprisingly, there is a common theme within the top 10. The banking sector has the highest total value, while cigarette producers account for 5 of the top 10. Interestingly, food and dairy is the fastest growing sector within the country.

Not only is the future of business in Indonesia good, the present isn’t bad either…

Top 50 | Brandz Indonesia 2017 Infographic

10 Most Valuable Brands In Indonesia In 2017 |  Brand Value In Billion U.S. Dollars

1) Bank Central Asia (BCA) – $10.54 Billion

Founded in 1955

Overtook Bank of Singapore as South East Asia’s largest lender in 2016

Total market capitalisation = $24.5 billion

Most valuable Indonesian brand 3 years in a row

2) Telkomsel – $8.58 Billion

Founded 1995

Over 122 million mobile service subscribers

Serviced 46% of total mobile customers of Indonesia by 2015

Jumped 2 places to become 2nd largest Indonesian brand, with 27% growth from 2016

3) A Mild – $8.3 Billion

Founded 1989

Product of PT HM Sampoerna

Of all Philip Morris brands, it is the cigarette with the 4th largest global sales.

4) Bank Rayakat – $8.02 Billion

Founded 1895

An Islamic Cooperative Bank, specialising in microfinance

30 million customers in Indonesia with over 4,000 branches

5) Bank Mandiri – $5.44 Billion

Founded 1998

Largest bank for Indonesian assets, loans and deposits

Over 1700 branches across Indonesia

6) Dji Sam Soe – $2.41 Billion

Founded 1913

Was the original mass produced clove cigarette from Surabaya

With 39mg of Tar and 2.4mg Nicotine, it is considered Indonesia’s “Premium Kretek”

7) Surya – $2.07 Billion

Founded 1958

Affiliated with Gudang Garam

Sells 250 billion cigarette sticks per year

8) Gudang Garam – $2.04 Billion

Founded 1958.

One of Indonesia’s largest employers

Had IDR 76 Billion sales revenue in 2016

9) Marlboro – $2.04

First sold in 1924 in Indonesia

Distributed by PT HM Sampoerna

Most popular Western Cigarette in Indonesia

10) Bank Negara Indonesia – $1.83 Billion

Founded 1946

Over 1,000 branches in Indonesia

4th largest Indonesian bank in terms of asset holdings

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