Untouched: A Bali We Wish We Knew [Video]

As we know, the Bali we see today has lost many of its roots. Instead of Baris and Legong dances, we have twerking on Jalan Legian. Instead of a cocktails of traditional Jamu, we have Jungle Juice. Instead of padi fields we have rows of hotels and restaurants. Of course it's a sad truth, but it's a change that cannot be undone.

What can we do now? Look back and remember how it once was. How man, nature and God lived in harmony, unadulterated by modern 'conveniences' and the pressures of tourism. These videos below each show the original charm of the Island of the Gods, reminding us why this paradise destination became so popular to begin with.

Warning: Videos contain semi-nudity

1912 (Black and White)

From youtube.com user Timescape Indonesia

Year Unspecified (Black and White)

From youtube.com user angeloparadiso

1946 (Black and White)

From youtube.com user travelfilmarchive

No Year Specified (Colour)

From youtube.com user Timescape Indonesia

Whilst we compare the Bali of today to the Bali we see in these videos, we can't help but feel we've been robbed of such an anthropological treasure. Then again, we must look to ourselves as well. Do we indulge in the Bali of today? The nightclubs, the hotels, the beach life, the boutique shopping. When was the last time you went to see a dance or temple? Exactly. 

When you're in Bali, remember why it's such a special place. The culture still exists, just far beyond the urban southern coast. Go out and find it.