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Turtle Saved From Fishing Net Makes You Want To End Plastic



Turtle Saved From Fishing Net Makes You Want To End Plastic

Only China dumps more plastic in the ocean than Indonesia.

According to the World Bank, each Indonesian is responsible for 0.8kg-1kg of plastic. Each… There’s 250 million of us! And it doesn’t take a mathematician – or even a calculator – to come to the conclusion that we need to do more than reduce, reuse and recycle (though definitely do that).

We need to think of something bigger and bolder if we are going to reach the target Indonesia set itself at the World Oceans Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali 2017. Indonesia’s coordinating minister for maritime Pandjaitan told delegates at the conference that Indonesia would achieve a 70% reduction in marine waste within eight years. Something big. Like, getting rid of plastic altogether?

If we are going to achieve that in 8 years, we need to do something big. Like, getting rid of plastic altogether?

If you need a bit more convincing of the idea, here is a Turtle choking on some plastic.

Last year, a tax on single-use plastic bags was trialled in 23 cities across Indonesia. While the government reported a big reduction in plastic bag use, there was significant resistance both from consumers and industry, according to Siti Nurbaya, Indonesia’s minister for the environment.

One thing Pandjaitan proposed was developing new industries that use biodegradable materials such as cassava and seaweed to produce plastic alternatives. Other measures could include a nationwide tax on plastic bags as well as a sustained public education campaign.

Whatever combination of solutions there is to plastic reduction, one thing is certain… We need to get rid of it.

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