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Travel Vlogger Goes Viral Posing On Bali Beach Covered In Trash

Photo: thelifeofjord


Travel Vlogger Goes Viral Posing On Bali Beach Covered In Trash

We’re all used to seeing images of bikini-clad “influencers” lying on pristine – and regularly photoshopped – white sand beaches. 

This viral beach shot is very different – it involves a woman nestled among piles of rubbish on Bali’s Batu Bolong Beach. It was posted by Jordan Simons to his instagram account, @thelifeofjord, yesterday.


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Just another day in paradise 😍

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Captioned “Just another day in paradise,” the image amassed over 30,000 likes and the comments section went ballistic. Many were quick to point out that the trash showing up during the rainy season is a common occurrence, whereas others were focusing on the root cause of the issue – poor waste management and abundance of single-use plastic.

Bali’s plastic waste problem is becoming world-famous. Back in 2012, surfer Kelly Slater famously tweeted “If Bali doesn’t #Dosomething serious about this pollution it’ll be impossible to surf here in a few years. Worst I’ve ever seen”.

Indonesia is the world’s second biggest contributor to marine debris after China, with an estimated 1.3 million metric tons of its plastic waste finishing up in the oceans every year, According to a report published on Statista.

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