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Top 5 Indonesian Foods Officially Set By The Ministry Of Tourism

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Top 5 Indonesian Foods Officially Set By The Ministry Of Tourism

30-40% of the money from tourism in Indonesia is spent on culinary experiences.

Despite this, Indonesian food doesn’t have the same popularity abroad as other regional cuisines, like Thai food. In an effort to change this, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has set 5 quintessentially Indonesian dishes that are to be officially considered the nations best foods.

Arief Yaha – head of the Ministry of Tourism – said that the final decision was based on the Culinary Community Forum Group Discussion (FGD)… so don’t blame us if your favorite dish isn’t included!

Here are the official top 5 Indonesian foods…

1) Soto

A surprising choice for number 1? Maybe not.

The soup classic has such a wide variety of taste, textures, thickness, and ingredients that adopt the cultural sensibilities of the many different parts of Indonesia.

Every Indonesian region likes to add their own twist to their soto.

2) Rendang

Famously considered CNN’s best dish in the world in 2017 – Rendang has the ability to make the mouth water like nothing else.

The result of curry having sex with stew, this scrumptiously thick sauce is best served with Beef.

(Note: it’s not crispy).

3) Sate

The best part about sate is that – depending on what meat you use (or if you don’t use meat at all and substitute with tempe) – there is the perfect sauce to compliment it.

Whether it’s peanut sauce with ayam – or a kecap manis drizzled on some kambing – don’t forget to soak up the rest of the sauce with the lontong and sate stick combo.

4) Nasi Goreng

The best way to test the quality of a new restaurant is to order their nasi goreng.

The standard Indonesian food against which all food is judged against, fried rice could easily be the most consumed dish in Indonesia… after nasi putih.

5) Gado-Gado

Last but not least, the dish that can convince the most ardent meat-eater to go vegetarian.

Gado-Gado is the Indonesian salad that can be made up of a wide variety of vegetables, but is only complete with a thick and abundant peanut sauce dressing… as Jamie Oliver explains.

In addition to setting national food, there are three culinary destinations anounced in line with the standards set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Bali (surprise), Joglosemar (which includes Yogjakarta, Solo, Semarang) as well as Bandung.

Though to fit within the standards of the UNWTO is impossible, as there are endless culinary delights are plentiful culinary destinations across the archipelago.

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