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This Funny Indonesian Instagram Account Features People’s Sad or Botched Food Orders


This Funny Indonesian Instagram Account Features People’s Sad or Botched Food Orders

From time-to-time, Instagram gives us more than just Influencers unsuccessfully selling household items, when they’re not showing the world how good looking they are, of course. 

Yes, sometimes IG throws us a bone and shares some real entertainment. 

source: @englishbusters

Previously it was English Busters Indonesia (above), an account focused entirely on catching out influencers (do they deserve a capital i?) for their poor use of the English language. Now they’ve been featured on New York Times — and full credit to them! 

Another account now popular on the Social Media platform is focused instead on food. 

But wait! It’s not just another food blogger doing Muk Bang or showing an excessive amount of cheap cheese being melted into their bowl of ramen (seriously how is this a thing?)… quite the opposite!

source: @kangenfood

The Instagram account ‘@_sadfood’ showcases user submitted photos and stories on how terrible their food came out.

This is by no means to put a certain restaurant or warung down, it seems it is purely entertainment, whereby followers can share in the complete and utter disappointment of the ‘victim’.

Yes, as a nation of food lovers, we can all empathise with the pain of a food delivery not going to plan. When you take the risk of a new spot, only leaving you with a sense of deep, deep regret…

“Why didn’t I just order from my usual Sate Kambing Pak Agus, WHY! I’m sorry Pak, I won’t do it again…” 

Here are a few takes from the account: 

The Burgerless Burger

source: @_sadfood

‘Al Dente’ Mie Goreng

source: @_sadfood

To complement the funny images of ‘sad food’, often the captions are the stories of the submissions themselves, in which their disappointment can quite clearly be read. 

Ayam Bakar for Vegetarians

source: @_sadfood

Definitely not a ‘Happy Meal’

source: @_sadfood

Some of their posts are hit and miss, in all honesty, but the very concept and idea of the account lands as something fresh, entertaining and original at least.

So, if you’ve ever had a botched food order, you know where to send it: @_sadfood

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