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The Most Instagram-Worthy Destinations To Visit In Indonesia


The Most Instagram-Worthy Destinations To Visit In Indonesia

When becoming a travel blogger on Instagram, a professional photographer or if you just want to take stunning photo content, you must understand that there are lots of possibilities that can help you to have growth and popularity if you only buy IGTV views, likes, or followers, for example. One of the concerns is the content. And of course, the choice of destination is important because this is the source of your material, and it has to be rich. There are many locations to visit, but in this article we shall discover what to see in Indonesia, to get tons of content and spend superior time. And yes, there are places to come by besides famous Bali.

Dieng Plateau

This is one of the most gorgeous sights to take photos of in Indonesia. It is a plain highland 2000 meters above the level of the sea, that offers travelers pleasant weather, incredible nature, and a look over a culture that is preserved through the centuries. This area is also known for the view of the farmland with a terrace system that looks just like a gift card especially on Instagram and its likes.

On the Dieng plateau, you can also see a lot of ancient Hindu temples and visit local celebrations that involve traditional ceremonies and performances.

Komodo National Park

The Komodo islands are known for their endemic species – the Komodo dragon, which is the biggest lizard in the world. This is your chance to see this unique creature in its natural habitat and feel yourself just like the explorer in the tropical jungles. Besides the lizards, Komodo National park has a lot to offer bloggers to gain more likes, as it consists of three islands with impressive hills view (go to Padar island to get a sight of three bays), rich underwater wildlife, and a rose sand beach.

Raja Ampat

The true vision of paradise on Earth. This corner of beauty is located far from civilization, and it’s probably one of the reasons it has preserved vast wildlife. Raja Ampat is a place to live for many corals, mollusks, and over 1000 species of fish. This place is hard to reach, but the Instagram photographs you can get there are worth the effort, as this place looks completely out of this world – blue water that is crystal clear, lush greenery, and clean calm beach – a true paradise. But remember that this location is wild, so please take any trash you have back with you, and don’t disturb the wildlife.

Lake Toba

Toba is a volcanic lake that takes your breath away with its beauty. It is the biggest lake in Indonesia – practically two times as big as Singapore. Tourists and bloggers can find a lot of viewpoints to take captivating photos and get lots of likes. One of the interesting activities while in this region is discovering the culture of Batak – you will acknowledge many rituals, performances, and local cultural objects. And don’t forget to take a trip to a small island in the center of the lake Toba – Samosir.

Tanjung Puting National Park

This is a wildlife park, famous for its scenic views, deep and wild jungle-covered with morning fog, and rushing rivers. But if the views of pure nature do not impress you much, get this: Tanjung Puting National Park is a home for very special creatures – orangutans, a rare species of a primate who will simply make you cry from adoration, as these monkeys are very smart and witty. The trip to this national park is a great way to discover how people are struggling to preserve the species as well – orangutans are endangered primates.


This town is located on Sumatra island and attracts lots of tourists as it is a big cultural center in this area. The town itself lies in a picturesque highland area, and offers not just great sceneries, like the Sianok Canyon, but some excursions into history. In this place, you can visit the tunnels that the Japanese built during World War II, the fortress Fort De Kock, which was held by the Dutch, and the Jam Gadang clock tower, an example of colonial architecture from 1926.

Also, take time to visit the local market Pasar Atas – having a good time and great Instagram photos are guaranteed.


Ubud is a center of art and culture on the island of Bali. Many modern artists are presenting their works there, in classy galleries. Ubud is a mix of modern artworks and traditional culture, so be sure you get a great experience in this place. Ubud is also known for sightseeing, it’s one of the most stunning regions on the island. For example, you cannot miss a trip to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, which is a classic gift card viewpoint of Bali.

Derawan Archipelago

This chain of islands and islets is also an attraction for nature lovers and IG likes, as it is just filled to the top with different sea inhabitants. The archipelago location is remote – on the East Kalimantan, which helps to contain the wildlife in the natural state without harm from civilization. So please, while taking a journey to this small paradise corner, be careful and don’t harm nature with the consequences of your being there.

  • To see harmless jellyfish and take a swim with them, go to Kakaban
  • For snorkeling, travel to Sangalaki, and don’t forget to wave to the mantas
  • Visit Maratua, for the breathtaking architecture of Mother Nature – sea caves, classic resorts and lakes.


Mount Bromo is one of the most recognisable sights in Indonesia. The view of the volcano covered with fog and greenery, surrounded by the colorful sky at the sunrise is breathtaking. You can take a tour of Java island to get this experience and Instagram photos from the best angle. Bromo is accompanied by a desert from one side, and jungle hills, fields of flowers, and even waterfalls, so this destination will take you a couple of days to explore.

Wae Rebo

This is a small but unique place to visit. This village is located in a highland and is surrounded by mountains covered with lush greenery. But the main point of interest is the cone-shaped huts, that create a truly compelling view, especially through the prism of your Instagram to get likes. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the natural habitat of orchids, and other tropical greenery – that is also a good material for your blog.

Nusa Islands

This is a chain of three islands – Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, that are located near the coast of Bali. This destination is often called “The Maldives of Bali”, due to the overwhelmingly paradise looks of this archipelago. Crystal clear water, white-sand beaches, and unbelievable green forests create a calm atmosphere that we all are looking for on vacation. Nusa Islands are also offering many activities, like:

  • Caving
  • Hiking
  • Water sports
  • Diving and snorkeling

To get more Instagram content, take the trip to the famous cliff that looks like a giant whale or sea beast.

Bangka Belitung Islands

If you like to see unique places, visit Bangka Belitung. This is a wonderful exhibition of the colonial era, accompanied by pristine natural views. White sands on the beaches of this archipelago near the coast of Sumatra are combined with famous granite boulders and translucent waters.

At this destination, you will encounter colonial architecture and cultural heritage that will also tell you a lot about the history of Indonesia in general.

Borobudur Temple

The last, but not the least interesting place to visit in Indonesia. Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple and it is definitely worth going by. Beside its religious significance, this is a place that is filled with charm and a mystic atmosphere. Here you can experience the ancient architecture and enchanting carvings on stones. The majestic structure of the ancient sanctuary is surrounded by the jungle and filled with crisp air, making your trip to Borobudur also leave you with high spirit and wild insights to share in your IGTV and gain likes. And it is worth the effort to see the sun rising over the wonderful Borobudur temple.

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