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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia


The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago, stretching 5,000km along the equator from the northern tip of Sumatra to the eastern edge of Papua.

Indonesia is a fascinating kaleidoscope of flavors, cultures, peoples, animals, plants and natural landscapes, and when it comes to choosing things to do and see, you’re spoilt for choice.

If you are planning a trip to Indonesia for the first time or looking for somewhere new to see, here is a list of a few beautiful places to visit.

Borobudur Temple, Java

Borobudur Temple is an imposing Buddhist monument that stands majestically on a hill covered in lush vegetation, rice paddies, and coffee plantations. Having survived the eruptions of the Merapi volcano, this temple has retained its enigmatic beauty dating back 12 centuries.

Mount Bromo, Java

Admiring the mysterious landscape of Mount Bromo and the adjacent volcanoes at first light is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences to have in Indonesia.

Its moonscape of epic proportions and surreal beauty will leave you breathless.

Ujung Kulon National Park, Java

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ujung Kulon National Park is a natural oasis for the Javan rhinoceros and numerous other species of animals that live in the rainforest. In addition to the forest, here you will find pristine beaches, untouched coral reefs, and a breathtaking panorama dominated by the outline of the Krakatau volcano.

Prambanan Temples, Java

Framed by verdant plains, the spectacular Prambanan temples are the largest Hindu monument in South East Asia and an icon of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. An absolute must-see for anyone traveling to Java.

Bali beaches

It is hard to imagine another place in the world where land, sea, and sky have blended so well to create a magical and unique environment. A trip to Indonesia is not complete without Bali. From the lively beach of Kuta to the exclusive beach of Seminyak to the hidden, lesser-known beaches, the island of Bali is perfect for satisfying the tastes of every type of traveler.

Ubud, Bali

Few travel experiences are as magical as those offered by Ubud in Bali. In this haven of tranquillity and meditation, you’ll find breathtaking scenery, yoga, art, and plenty of Balinese culture. For travelers trekking across the world to visit this place, don’t forget to pack plenty of entertainment options for those downtime moments. You could opt to play an online game at or read your latest book.

Komodo National Park, Nusa Tenggara

Komodo National Park boasts some volcanic islands fringed with pink sand and a rich marine ecosystem. Seeing the large monitor lizards called Komodo Dragons live is undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences to be had in Komodo Park.

Gili Islands, Nusa Tenggara

The Gili Islands are a piece of paradise that ranks alongside Bali and Borobudur as one of Indonesia’s most popular locations. With magnificent white sandy beaches and coral reefs teeming with underwater creatures, the Gili Islands are the best place to end a trip to Indonesia on a high note.

Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan

Tanjung Putting National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia to have a memorable jungle adventure with orangutans. The park is home to the acclaimed Camp Leakey orangutan center, where orphans and injured orangutans are rehabilitated with the aim of reintroducing them into the wild.

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