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This Scandinavian Liquor Owes Its Success to Indonesia


This Scandinavian Liquor Owes Its Success to Indonesia

Akvavit is a flavoured Scandinavian spirit, holding a specific dill or caraway scent and taste. Embedded into the history of one of Norway’s ‘akvavit’ brands called Linie Aquavit, is an interaction with Indonesia that resulted in a very unique and special process that gives it its distinct flavour, separating it from all the other brands of akvavit.

The brand’s unique selling point, is that each and every drop of Linie Aquavit sold has taken a seafaring journey around the world in sherry casks, flowing with the oceans, waves and currents,  aboard a cargo ship, thus saying the drink has been ‘Matured at Sea’. But the question is, why? Where did this all begin?

Apparently, in 1805 the company sailed with their precious cargo to sell or trade abroad. They landed in Indonesia hoping to give the locals a taste of their golden nectar. But to their dismay, after their huge voyage, the Indonesians weren’t really interested – having their own delicious coconut arak – and told them to go away. So, disheartened, they headed back home. Upon doing so, they re-tasted their well-travelled cargo and realised that this long and arduous journey through the oceans made their drink taste so much better!

Watch the video and find out more:

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