The Haze: Before and After

The haze descending over much of Indonesia, and indeed, much of South East Asia, continues as forest fires rage on. Caused by endemic slash-and-burn tactics by corporations involved in palm oil cultivation, 21,000 public service men and woman have been deployed to quell the flames.

The effects of this environmental catastrophe have been felt by our Singaporean and Malaysian neighbours too.

Here are some startling photos of the fire’s effects, at home and abroad… 

Chillin' in an infinity pool isn't the same when you can't see anything

Singapore Flyer Observatory Wheel

What's to observe?

Marina Bay, F1 Grand Prix location

Looks like the race has gone up in smoke.

Singapore's Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest Conservatories

Quick! Into the Flower Dome... Theres still some clean air in here! 

Bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia

Honey, I can't see which country we are entering... what does the map say?

The iconic Petronas Towers

Singapore's Central Business District

What a fine day for a grey wedding...

Orchard Road

Santosa's Cable Cars

Singapore's Rebuttle

Naturally, our Singaporean neighbours didn't take too kindly to the toxic plume floating over their boarders. Nor were they too happy with Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla's peculiar defence that was essentially, "Where's our thanks for the 11 months you can breathe?"

Which lead to this hilarious website being created:

Unfortunately, adorably humorous websites haven't been enough to cool the flames

Indonesian service men fight the fire

Because there's a lot to fight...

On shore and at Sea...

... it seems that no end is in sight

 But there is hope.

Singapore’s largest supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice is taking a stance... by banning toilet paper. That's right, it will remove all toilet paper and other products sauced from Asia Pulp & Paper as it was named as one of those responsible for the flames.

Perhaps boycotting products is the best way to ensure a catastrophe like this never happens again. For now though, our thoughts are with 100,000's of people who remain directly in harms way. Stay Safe.