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The Effect Of COVID-19 On Tourism In Indonesia

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The Effect Of COVID-19 On Tourism In Indonesia

Nowadays the whole world is trying to face the global pandemic and keep up a strong spirit. COVID-19 has directly or indirectly affected everyone’s lives. And now all of us are trying to adjust to the new lifestyle. But it’s not only people have suffered from the COVID-19 outbreak. There is really no business sector the new coronavirus hasn’t taken its toll on either. 

While some businesses have used this time to thrive, creating online services and shops, others haven’t even been given a chance to decide what they want to do as there’s only one option for them, sit back, and wait until the situation becomes more or less stable. 

One of the industries that have suffered the consequences of the pandemic more than the others is the tourism sector. The world’s most famous destinations like Bali, are facing a crisis due to the lack of tourists. Arrivals’ numbers in Indonesia have plunged severely since March. This is partly due to the fact that many countries have imposed regulations and restrictions regarding traveling. The government could already see a 31% decline only between January and February, so you can imagine how badly the number would have gone down by now. Experts are saying that this is the hardest thing Indonesia has gone through after the Gulf war, the cholera outbreak, and the Bali bombings

The once crowded and loud “golden island” has now gone quite. And the situation is much more serious than it may seem. COVID-19 does not only stop new tourists from arriving but also has stopped all tourism activities. This is important because over half of the economic activity on this island comes from tourism itself which is why Indonesia is struggling this much. Now, every restaurant and every hotel is empty, leaving Bali cornered in a situation where it can’t do anything to make things better. The only thing it can do is hope that the situation will get better and the bans on traveling will be lifted as soon as possible.

Tourists in Indonesia

The fact that the global pandemic has significantly stopped tourist circulation in this country is truly a shame, as Indonesia, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is now closed to tourists who used to come here to experience the rich and the relaxing nature. The reason why this country was so popular, isn’t just its breath-taking and picturesque landscapes and resorts but also the fun, and entertaining tourists can experience here. One thing that it does lack though is a gambling scene as casinos are overall prohibited within a country which is very surprising, given its tantalizing nightlife.

The bad thing about this is, that even though the population of Indonesia is happy about this regulation, the tourists that have come here for fun, aren’t. As a result, they start to look for illegal casino tables and arcade games. Even though the number of them isn’t that high, they still get raided a lot. There’s has been a high frequency of tourists getting robbed.  And a person caught in the act of gambling can be sentenced to up to 3-5 years in prison. Overall, noot something rich tourists are looking for, is it? 

Thankfully, there are other options as well, for experienced gamblers that just want to let off some steam. The perfect choice for them is an online casino with real money. Most importantly, they wouldn’t be breaking any laws and second, they could enjoy their time way more, knowing that they are in a safe environment. But for now, tourists in illegal casinos are truly not one of the government’s concerns as there are no tourists left who would want to attend those games amidst the pandemic.

What’s next?

COVID-19 completely changed the reality for the once lively Indonesia. The streets are empty. As well as the once packed hotels and hostels. Agencies are in constant communication with different authorities, trying to get some relief for business such as tax exemptions and lower interest rates. But no direct or effective measures have been implemented to help out this sector quite yet.

But while the number of tourists is still getting smaller and smaller the experts are expressing their hope, saying that the situation will probably be a lot more stable by June, which is when they hope for tourism to get a fresh breath of air and recovery.

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