The Bali 9 Artist - 12 Incredible Paintings By Myuran Sukumaran

The pages of the global press have been filled with the Bali 9 scandal. International diplomacy has been brought into question. Questions have risen over the death penalty. Questions about what it means to be “reformed.”

Sukumaran, considered a criminal worthy of the highest form of punishment by many, was more than a lawbreaker. He was an artist. 

We want to look at the world that Sukumaran created on the canvas. 

Here are 12 paintings of Sukumaran’s legacy that will live forever. 

Article Submitted by Jimmy Thoriq

Sukumaran, The Artist

Logo Quiz

A Morbid Reality

Many of his paintings take on a dark, gothic tone. Is it any wonder why?

Fellow Convict Andrew Chan

Chan showed many signs of reformation, rediscovering Christianity and becoming a devout follower up to his execution.

Painting Portraits

Attention To Detail

Back To School - A Lesson From Artist Ben Quilt

The Process

Thank You, Tania

A portrait of a friend organising an exhibition in Amsterdam for his work.


A Final Message - "People Can Change"

The Executed

The Last Masterpiece

There is something profoundly chilling about his final painting before his execution. A dripping image of the human heart- something we all share, saints, sinners and everyone inbetween. 

The world is no richer for dispensing with men whose lives were in full tide. The world is now two minds less. Two worlds less.

What remains is an artistic legacy that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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