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Tesla Model X Electric Cars Coming To An Indonesian Street Near You


Tesla Model X Electric Cars Coming To An Indonesian Street Near You

Who isn’t sick of the pollution that comes out of Indonesia’s roads?

Fear not, for another option will be available soon. The Tesla Model X – an electric car designed by the real life Tony Stark, Elon Musk – have had their first Indonesian orders placed in June, and will be on our roads come September.

Is this the start of Indonesian roads becoming completely electric?

Firstly, it will be no surprise that the first electric car to hit Indonesian streets will not be available to everyone. At $200,000 the Tesla Model X electric car will only be an option for the super-rich. But the crucial thing is, for the first time in history, it will be an option.

And at $200,000, it is on the affordable end of the luxury car spectrum. Rudy Salim of Prestige Image Motorcars, the sole distributor of Tesla Cars in Indonesia, has stated: “Tesla cars have good prospects in the Indonesian market, considering they are not the most expensive among the super cars in the country.”

In addition, luxury cars are infamous gas-guzzlers. If the Tesla Model X can take a sizeable portion of this market, it will also be having an effect on the market share of cars that have the worst gallon-to-mile ratio on our roads.

They are also perfect for the traditionally congested Indonesian Jalan. Since each Telsa car is equipped with a battery that supports up to 350 kilometres of travel, this is more than enough to complete a days travel in any given Indonesian city then return home to recharge. To put that into perspective, that’s enough battery life to drive from Jakarta to Bandung, and back again.

These electric cars offer the driver something that luxury cars simply can’t. It satisfies the growing desire of consumers to make a genuine contribution to the environmental crisis. We have to travel. There’s no getting around that. But now we can do it without contributing to the smog that hovers over many of Indonesia’s megacities.

And it can be done in style. The Tesla Model X is undeniably sexy. It could compete with other luxury cars, even without the added uniqueness of it being completely battery powered.

So come September, if you are of the financially well-off, you could actually do your part for the environment, and swap your gas-guzzler for a clean, electric alternative.

As for the rest of us?

Due to the exponential rise in technology, who knows. Swapping our Kijangs for a Tesla Electric Car could be just around the corner.

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