The Incredible History Of Java’s Map From 10,000 BC To 2017 In 6 Mins

If you ever wanted a video to put the history of Java, and thus Indonesia, into context - we've got…

1 month ago

Countries With A Smaller Population Than Java – Infographic

An infographic depicting countries with a smaller population than Uttar Pradesh is spreading around the Internet right now. With a…

1 month ago

Fitting European Countries In Indonesia By Population – Indonesia Is Huge!

The fact that the island of Java alone has almost the same population as Russia is pretty mind-boggling

3 months ago

Map Showing The Closest Country To You When You’re In Indonesia

Many Indonesians would think that Malaysia is the closest country to Indonesia. However, this is only true if you're in…

3 months ago

Interesting Map Of The Oldest Company In Every Country

 The oldest company in (almost) every country that is still in business today was recently published by Business Financing UK…

4 months ago

Gastronomic Map Of Indonesia – Culinary Specialties In Each Province

The map was created by reddit user ‘CynonLasagna’, by using the Google search query "Makanan khas provinsi ...," Click here…

5 months ago

Old Map Of Indonesia In A Japanese Manga Comic From 1932

Translations as follows: スマトラ島 - Sumatra Island 胡椒 - Pepper 海峡植民地 - Strait Settlements バタビャ- Batavia サラマン - Saraman?? Semarang…

6 months ago

This Incredibly Detailed Linguistic Map Shows Just How Diverse Indonesia Is

The map was created by Muturzikin. You can view the rest of his creations at his website here. According to the site,…

7 months ago

Indonesia Size Comparison Vs. USA And Europe

Did you realize Indonesia was actually this big? For more perspective, the island of Java alone has about as many…

7 months ago