A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia – 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

A rare historical look at Indonesia and its people during the Dutch colonial period... A Javanese prince with two servants…

2 weeks ago

The Incredible History Of Java’s Map From 10,000 BC To 2017 In 6 Mins

If you ever wanted a video to put the history of Java, and thus Indonesia, into context - we've got…

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Countries With A Smaller Population Than Java – Infographic

An infographic depicting countries with a smaller population than Uttar Pradesh is spreading around the Internet right now. With a…

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Fitting European Countries In Indonesia By Population – Indonesia Is Huge!

The fact that the island of Java alone has almost the same population as Russia is pretty mind-boggling

3 months ago

BBC Documentary On Relocating Indonesia’s Capital To Kalimantan

Not since Atlantis has a megacity been displaced because of the encroaching tide. And relocating a capital has never been…

2 years ago

Jakarta’s “New Normal” Floods Are Starting To Sink In

The 2020 New Year's Day floods in Jakarta may be the historical moment when Indonesia's capital lost its War with…

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Video of Mysterious Mie Ayam Cart Moving On Its Own Goes Viral

If there's something Indonesians love, it's a little bit of the mystic and mysterious. That's exactly why a video of…

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28 Beautiful Images Of Batik In Indonesian History

Today, 2nd October, is officially Batik Day - a celebration of Indonesia's national cloth. The national cloth of Indonesia predates…

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Jakarta’s Giant Seawall Will Be Useless If Indonesia’s Capital Keeps Sinking

Jakarta faces an existential crises the likes of which Indonesia has never seen. Indeed, not since the fabled City of…

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